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AW Webinar – LiveCore Platform (EN)

December 16, 2019

Date : 12/16/2019
Time : 4:00pm EST (USA)
Location : Online
Duration : 1 hour
Language : English
Registration fees : Free

This webinar is hosted by the Analog Way Academy and its purpose is to introduce attendees to the products within the LiveCore platform and provide a basic overview of configuring and operating a LiveCore device.


Students who join the webinar can expect to know the following by the end of the session:

The different products within the LiveCore family and their major distinctions

The input and output plugs available on LiveCore products

How to connect to a LiveCore device using the WebRCS GUI

How to configure the inputs, outputs, screens, and multiviewer

How to upload still images

How to size and position inputs and still images within a screen, and how to route them to the outputs

How to assign sources to the multiviewer output

How to save and recall screen presets, master presets, and monitoring (multiviewer) presets


Attendees must register below and will receive a confirmation email once their registration has been processed by the Analog Way Academy team.


For more information please email the Analog Way Academy team.

AW Webinar – LiveCore Platform (EN)
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