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Vertige™ Advanced Certification Program (FR)

March 26-27, 2019

Date : 03/26/2019
Location : Antony (France)
Duration : 2 days

Training session delivered in French


At the end of this training, you’ll be able to operate the Vertige™ console in widely varying settings. In addition, you will be registered as an Analog Way Vertige™ Certified Operator in our website directory.




  • Successful completion of the LiveCore™ Advanced Certification Class
  • Advanced Understanding of Signal Flow
  • Advanced Understanding of Networking and HDCP
  • Advanced Understanding of LiveCore™ Products
  • Experience in Matrix Switching
  • Experience in Live Show Setup


Understand the Vertige™:


  • Vertige™ capabilities and state of the art features
  • Range and type of devices that can be controlled via the Vertige™
  • Advantages of using the Vertige™ console for real show management


Manage a show with ease, reactivity and comfort:


  • Install the Vertige™ and have your controller up and running
  • Set up your devices and configure your show
  • Start your show and drive and control everything at runtime
Vertige™ Advanced Certification Program (FR)
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