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Picturall™ Certification Program (EN / FR)

March 20-21, 2019

Date : 03/20/2019
Location : Antony (France)
Duration : 2 days

Registration fees: $800


During these two days the overall functioning of Analog Way Picturall Media Servers is presented in our Metro Atlanta training facility. The class provides in-depth review of the systems key functionality as well as best show practices. The facility offers a unique hands-on approach for participants to learn on the actual products we offer. 5 spots available.



• Understanding of Signal Flow
• Understanding of Basic AV Networking Skills
• Understanding of HDCP
• Understanding of Color Space
• Understanding of Content Creation/Codecs and Storage


Advanced Operator: 2 days – Certified training


At the end of the session after passing theoretical and practical tests, participants will obtain their official Picturall Advanced Certification, demonstrating a good command of the products. 


At the end of this training you’ll be able to operate the most popular features of Picturall series in widely varying settings. In addition, you will be registered as Analog Way Advanced Picturall Certified Operator in our website directory.


Certification Renewal Units: 

CTS: 15 │ CTS-D: 15 │ CTS-I: 15 

Picturall™ Certification Program (EN / FR)
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