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LiveCore™ Certification Program - Advanced (GER)

July 08-10, 2019

Organized by LANG ACADEMY
Köln (Deutschland)
2 days

Training session delivered in German


During these two days the overall functioning of LiveCore™ switchers is presented in a state-of-the-art training facility. The class provides in-depth review of innovative features such as: advanced layer management, output rotation, LiveCore™ Web RCS, etc. The facility offers a unique hands-on approach for participants to learn on the actual products we offer. 




• Understanding of Video Signal

• Understanding of Cables and their Differences

• Understanding of Signal Flow

• Understanding of Resolutions and their Differences

• Understanding of Basic Networking Skills

• Understanding of HDCP

• Understanding of Color Space

• Basic Understanding of Projector Blending

• Basic Understanding of Pixel Mapping

• Basic Understanding of LiveCore™ Products


Advanced Operator: 2 days – Certified training


At the end of the session after passing theoretical and practical tests, participants will obtain their officialLiveCore™ Advanced Certification, demonstrating a good command of the products.


At the end of this training you’ll be able to operate the most popular features of LiveCore™ series in widely varying settings. In addition, you will be registered as Analog Way Advanced LiveCore™ Certified Operator in our website directory.


Certification Renewal Units: 



CTS: 15 │ CTS-D: 15 │ CTS-I: 15

LiveCore™ Certification Program - Advanced (GER)
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