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The National Congress of CREA with the Ascender 48 - 4L - PL

For the 5th edition of the Argentina Association of Regional Consortia for Agricultural Experimentation congress in Buenos Aires, Congress Rental trusted in the Ascender 48 - 4K - PL, the Pulse² and the Saphyr to display the many high-resolution graphics in a hyperconnected ambiance.

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The Ascender 48 - 4K - PL Lights Up Hewlett Packard Enterprise Congress

For the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Congress in ?ód?, Poland, Polymus Agency, in charge of organizing the event, opted for two linked Ascender 48 - 4K - PL and a Di-VentiX II able to route all signals to the LED tunnel in the corridor leading to the main hall and the large 6K x 2K LED wall in the conference room.

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