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LiveCore™ Advanced Certification Program (EN)

May, 06-07 2019

Date : 05/06/2019
Location : Antony (France)
Duration : 2 days

Training session delivered in English


At the end of this training, you’ll be able to operate LiveCore™ in widely varying settings. You will be registered as Analog Way Certified Operator on our directory.


Video professionals exclusive
• Basic knowledge of video signals 
• Be familiar with image processing 
Training Program - Advanced User
Day 1:

• Presentation of LiveCore™ range (NeXtage 08, NeXtage 16, SmartMatriX Ultra, Ascender 16, Ascender 32, Ascender 48) 
• Hardware specifications (supported formats)
• Inputs specifications
• Outputs specifications
• HDCP management
• Set up your LiveCore™ environment
• Edit your show
• Drive your show through the Web RCS interface
• Use the Shot Box to launch yours presets
Day 2:

• Soft Edge setting up
• Mixer and Matrix configurations
        Advanced features: 
    o Advanced Layer Management
    o Link of 2 machines
    o Outputs rotation
• Exercices/Certification Test


9:00-13:00 ; 14:00-18:00

LiveCore™ Advanced Certification Program (EN)
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